"A shock from the waves I know, breaking far from shore." 

Inspired by: A wall of flowers and unexpectedly real tomato plants, background smile prompters (thank you Misty and Dave), and a timeless beauty both inside and out. 

p.s. Click image to see the uncropped version

My editing jam: "On Hold" by The xx


I went for a stroll, and this is what happened. 

Inspired by: A date night with my camera, my addiction to line, and the unbelievable mind clearing power a walk around the block can have.  


Let the adventure begin.

Inspired by: Escaping zombies (yes really), stumbling upon the perfect blue wall, an adorable dog I want to steal, and a Senior who is going to go on to make great waves. 

p.s. Click image to see the uncropped version

My editing jam: "Backwards" by Kareful


Mr. & Mrs. Rex

A sneak peek of the wedding day

Inspired by: Rowdy groomsmen, golf rules, first reveals, a gorgeous bride, and a couple whose selfless love for one another I admire. 


Angels Landing

“I am glad I will not be young in a future without wilderness.”

Inspired by: 21 Switchbacks, Narrow paths with sharp drop-offs, Backpacks loaded with gear, 5,700+ ft elevation, and one of the most incredible canyon views to date.  

Like what you see? I'm happy to share these great views through matte paper, canvas, and metal prints, please inquire to order.   

My editing jam: "Seigfried" by Frank Ocean